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8 April 2021


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7 April 2021

A year-long research project by the Scottish Fabians and FEPS argues for Scottish Labour to reassert itself as pro-UK, pro-devolution and passionately pro-Scottish.

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7 April 2021

Read the final report of the two-year Commission on Workers and Technology established by Community union and the Fabian Society, and chaired by Yvette Cooper MP.

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The Fabian Review

Spring 2021, Volume 133 - No.1

This edition of the Fabian Review looks at a modern relationship between Labour and the unions, featuring Angela Rayner MP, Christopher Massey, Gloria Mills, Kate Dearden, Shelly Asquith and more. Plus, Scottish Labour’s new leader Anas Sarwar talks to Vanesha Singh about the fight ahead.

Also in this issue, Sadiq Khan lays out his capital values; Stephen Kinnock MP on the power grab in Myanmar; Kehinde Andrews unmasks the logic of empire in our politics; Paula Surridge on the possibility of rejoining the EU; and Marc Stears on Labour’s progressive patriotism.

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Long read

Tragic failures

16 April 2021

MOLLY COBAIN: Without radical change, violence against women and minorities will continue.

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The forgotten centre

13 April 2021

BILLY HANCOCK: The Tory’s Red Wall obsession will come back to bite.

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Out with the old?

8 April 2021

MATT OULTON: Labour needs to stop ignoring social media.

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The key to success

26 March 2021

MICHAEL TICHELAR: Labour is set to win London's upcoming mayoral election, but it cannot take the capital's loyalty for granted.

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Book review

Ending poverty

19 March 2021

BEN COOOPER: A new agenda to reduce poverty should promote dignity, respect and recognition.

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Generation justice

11 March 2021

ATHIAN AKEC: Labour success will only come if young people are on side.

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Building Bridges

Sally Gimson

In this pamphlet, Sally Gimson puts forward a range of policies to help Labour reconnect with voters and build a wide coalition across cities, towns and the countryside to defeat the Tories in 2024.

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Who loses?

The impacts of planned Universal Credit cuts across society

New Fabian Society research finds that over 700,000 people in working or disabled households are to be pulled into poverty by universal credit cuts. 

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Sharing the Future


The final report of the two-year Commission on Workers and Technology calls for major reforms to improve work, empower workers, and ensure the whole economy can benefit from new technology.

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Affordable connections

Essential digital technologies for all

To keep people connected to essential technologies, this paper proposes a British broadband discount scheme, modelled on the Warm Home Discount for energy bills and the US social tariff scheme Lifeline.

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Double Trouble

Mass unemployment and benefit cuts after the pandemic

New Fabian Society analysis shows that planned benefit cuts could push between 1 and 3 million people into poverty.

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Cultured communities

The crisis in local funding for arts and culture

Our new report highlights the long-standing crisis in arts and culture funding, fuelled by a decade of government cuts, that has left community arts and culture extremely vulnerable to lockdown, especially outside London.

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Better off

Recovery and reform in the post-coronavirus economy

This report examines key economic policy priorities for the left after the coronavirus shock and ensuing recession and explores how these policies should be designed to reshape the British economy in the long term.

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The self-employment justice gap

The case for online dispute resolution

This report makes the case for an online dispute resolution (ODR) service for self-employed workers and explores the role such a service could provide. It shows that self-employed workers face challenges distinct from employees and argues for new sys...

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Let Us Face The Future Again

Wes Streeting MP

After a disastrous election result, Wes Streeting MP sets out a Labour programme which can win again and, in so doing, improve the lives of millions. In the spirit of the 1945 Labour manifesto, he suggests it is time for Labour to face the future aga...

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Framing the Future

A new pensions commission

A joint report from the Fabian Society and Bright Blue calls for a new pensions commission and presents plans for how it should work

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Public Service Futures

Welfare States in the Digital Age

In this collection, contributors from across Europe and the UK offer an insight into how the 2020s can be a time of great possibility for public services, with huge potential for new technologies to meet our shared needs and strong public interest in...

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