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31 March 2021


Check out our latest publications including KEIR STARMER'S The Road Ahead and More To Do, a new Fabian Society report on unequal experiences of Labour party membership

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13 April 2022

Thom Brooks sets out a new immigration plan for Labour. It is a plan rooted in the Labour values of compassion and fairness. It offers the opportunity to create a fit for purpose immigration system to deal with one of the greatest challenges of our time.

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28 April 2022

Older voters will be key to the outcome of the next election. This research looks at how Labour can reconnect with them

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The Fabian Review

Spring 2022, Volume 134 - No.1

This edition of the Fabian Review looks at the cost of living crisis and how Labour creates a stronger economy, featuring Torsten Bell, Shreya Nanda, Aveek Bhattacharya, Jake Shepherd, Claire Walker, Zoë Billingham, Daniel Johnson MSP, Jeevun Sandher and Tulip Siddiq MP.

Plus, Peter Apps, Jessica Toale and Julie Ward on the war in Ukraine and what it means for our foreign policy agenda. And Vanesha Singh speaks to Angela Smith, shadow leader of the House of Lords, about Labour’s many victories in the upper chamber.

Also in this issue: Ellie Reeves MP on prisons; Mark Drakeford MS on the future of devolution; Sonia Adesara sets out a new vision for the NHS; and Hannah White on ‘partygate’.

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Long read

A real alternative

11 May 2022

TULIP SIDDIQ MP sets out Labour’s vision for the economy, with sustainable growth which is fair for all

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The Fabian Queen's speech

10 May 2022

The Fabian Society proposes a dozen bills as a progressive alternative to today's Queen's speech

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Book review

Shades of red, white and blue

4 May 2022

WILL HENSHALL: Kathleen Powers’ book challenges conventional wisdoms around nationalism and militarism

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Long read

Lasting pain

25 April 2022

TORSTEN BELL: The cost of living crisis is going to hurt. To tackle it, we will also need to address the stagnation which has bedevilled the UK economy for years

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The era of threat

22 April 2022

PETER APPS: War in Ukraine has supercharged global challenges

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Holding the line

20 April 2022

A raft of terrible legislation is facing strong resistance in the House of Lords. VANESHA SINGH speaks to ANGELA SMITH, the peer leading the opposition charge

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Our publications

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A mature approach

How Labour can reconnect with older voters

Fabian Society research suggests 2 million older voters who did not support Labour in 2019 would consider doing so now.

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New Arrivals

A fair immigration plan for Labour

The UK’s response to the Ukraine refugee crisis was shockingly slow and inadequate. In this pamphlet, Thom Brooks sets out a new immigration plan for Labour.

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Bridging the divide

Tackling digital inequality in a post-pandemic world

Fabian Society research calls for a broadband discount that will cut the cost of the internet to £15 per month or less for millions of people

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In the shadows

How 'shadow welfare' has overtaken social security

Following the 2022 spring statement, Fabian Society research finds the balance between tax free allowances and social security is unjust, with people on middle and high incomes now able to receive more financial support than those without work

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Talking green

Public reactions to key climate change terms

Our latest briefing looks at people’s reactions to the key words politicians and campaigners use when discussing climate change.

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More to do

Unequal experiences of Labour party membership

This Fabian Society report explores unequal experiences of Labour party membership and presents members' views on improving representation and inclusion in the party

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Home front

Building a new vision for social housing

Our new collection puts forward a new vision for social housing which leaves no one behind. With an introduction by shadow housing minister Mike Amesbury MP and contributions from Florence Eshalomi MP, Paul Dennett, Rachel Blake, Geeta Nanda and more...

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Prescription for fairness


As we look to recover from the greatest public health crisis in a century, the need to tackle health inequalities has become even more critical and clear. This timely collection explores practical solutions for a future government committed to addres...

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The road ahead

Keir Starmer MP

In this pamphlet, Labour leader Keir Starmer MP sets out his vision of a fairer, more secure and prosperous Britain, built on Labour values. He proposes 10 principles for a new contract between Labour and the British people, which together make up an...

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Winning 150


Labour must look beyond the Red Wall and its comfort zones to win the next election, finds Fabian Society research director Luke Raikes.

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Fair to all


Fabian Society research finds strong public backing for improved help when people who lose their job.

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Security for everyone

The public case for non-means-tested benefits

This report examines the future of non-means-tested benefits for working-age adults and children.

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Prizing the Public Pound


In this pamphlet, John Tizard and David Walker make the case for fundamental reform of the way spending decisions are made and checked. They argue that Labour should recover and celebrate its strong tradition of innovation in the mechanics of effecti...

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Counter Culture

How to resist the culture wars and build 21st century solidarity

In this pamphlet, Kirsty McNeill and Roger Harding argue that we all have a role to play in denying the culture wars peddlers the fight they want. Instead of letting people distract or divide us, we should build a new solidarity strategy, with a posi...

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Early years commission

A cross-party manifesto

A new report from the Early Years Commission, jointly run by the Centre for Social Justice and the Fabian Society, puts forward a number of recommendations to transform the lives of our youngest children.

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